jeudi 14 novembre 2013

FEBO Living Set

"FEBO", Living set inspired by B&B Italia
I really love Italian design and particularly B&B Italia. This is a must have for my Sims.

 "FEBO", set pour le salon inspiré par B&B Italia.
Je suis fan de design Italien et particulièrement de B&B Italia. Mes Sims devaient absolument les avoir dans mon jeu.

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(sims3pack & package zip)  

3 commentaires:

Luvie a dit…

Such a lovely set thank you for sharing

Eliza white a dit…

Wow Dear Annej; wow!!!!!

This is the cutest, most charming, the loveliest set, love, love it so very much; I could go on for ever. Thank you so much!!!!

The greatest job.

Big Hugs& Kisses
Best regards.

Jaguwar a dit…

That's a really lovely set. It's got a bit of a mid-century modern feel that I like, too.