mercredi 13 novembre 2013

FAB FAB set of 58 patterns

"FAB FAB" set of 58 fabulous fabric patterns.
58 Fabulous fabric textures ideal for your sofas and chairs, rugs and carpets.
I have so many patterns in my game and needed to have them all together easy to find so I decided to classify them under CARPET in the patterns of the game.

"FAB FAB" set de 58 fabuleux motifs textiles.
58 fabuleux revêtements textiles idéal pour les fauteuils, canapés et même tapis et moquettes.
J'ai tellement de motifs dans mon jeu et je voulais les avoir tous ensemble facilement accessibles. J'ai donc décidé de les mettre dans la rubrique  MOQUETTE des motifs.

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(sims3pack made with CAP)

8 commentaires:

Jamie Ponder a dit…

Great patterns! Thanks for sharing!

Eliza white a dit…

Dear Annej: Wow, fantastic patterns, amazingly terrific, will add so much to my game, love them.

Thank you so much, first-rate.

Warmest regards,
Big Hugs!!!

orthiad85283 a dit…

Love the work and the colors on these, thank you so much! :)

Misty a dit…

I especially like the weave patterns, thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for sharing! Been looking for some nice patterns for furniture! ^-^

kambre a dit…

These look great - can't wait to try them! Thanks :)

[X5-452] a dit…

I love these! Thank you!

Rox a dit…

Thanks so much for these - such pretty patterns and will be perfect for my current lot!