dimanche 17 novembre 2013

FEBO Dining Set

"FEBO", Dining set inspired by B&B Italia
Here is the dining room to complete the FEBO Set. I really love Italian design and particularly B&B Italia. This is a must have for my Sims.

 "FEBO", set pour la salle à manger inspiré par B&B Italia.
Voici la salle à manger qui complète mon set FEBO. Je suis fan de design Italien et particulièrement de B&B Italia. Mes Sims devaient absolument les avoir dans mon jeu.
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6 commentaires:

Eliza white a dit…

Dear Annej; wow, so beautiful dining set, perfection as usual.

A gorgeous addition to the Febo living room, so thrilling to have these amazing sets.

Thank you sooo much!!!!!!!

Big Hugs, Warmest regards;

corsicococo a dit…

Fantastic set wow love it! Thanks Anne...

A. Johansson a dit…

Beautiful, I especially enjoy the chairs! I’ve not seen anything like them for Sims before, but they also look top-quality with an outstanding skin for the seats :)

annejline a dit…

Thank you everybody.

A. Johansson, if you want me to send you the link, please send an e-mail at simsmusthave@gmail.com

Brooklyn Mahogany a dit…
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Brooklyn Mahogany a dit…

I absolutely LOVE this dining set but then again, I love of all of your creations and have downloaded almost all of them. Thank you so much for sharing!