mardi 29 octobre 2013

Inalux style rug set

"Inalux style" rug set.
Still more rugs inspired by those so so beautiful patterns by Inalux.3 sizes and 16 styles.

Set de Tapis "Inalux style".
Encore des tapis inspirés cette fois des merveilleux motifs de Inalux. 3 dimensions et 16 motifs.
(sims3pack & package zip)

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7 commentaires:

Cynthia Lawson a dit…

Great rugs, thanks for sharing.

Blissfully24 a dit…

Lovely, thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

Beautiful is everything else ♥

Eliza white a dit…

DEAR Annej: Terrific rugs, wonderful patterns, really great.

Thank you so much. Big Hugs&Kisses.

Eliza white a dit…

I can make comments again, yay... I unplugged my satellite and cleared my cookies... seemed to have worked.

I'm so relieved.

austindp a dit…

Thank you for sharing

austindp a dit…

Thank you