mardi 8 octobre 2013

Contempto Set of 21 Patterns

"Contempto" set of 21 patterns inspired by Esprit Home Collections
Stripes, stripes, stripes and elegant others.

"Contempto" set de 21 motifs inspiré des collections Esprit Home 
Des rayures en veux tu en voilà et autres motifs élégants.

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(sims3pack made with CAP)

3 commentaires:

Eliza white a dit…

Dear Annej:

Lovely, lovely patterns, terrific job; really outstanding.]

Thank you so very much!!!

Warmest regards, Big hugs!!

Colette Beique a dit…

Beautiful patterns i am excited to use them. Big thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

Once again, an excellent set of modern patterns for contemporary rooms!