dimanche 20 octobre 2013

Beppe Giacobbe Posters Set

Beppe Giacobbe Posters Set.
I am really fond of Beppe Giacobbe's illustrations. 3 poster sizes and 19 different illustrations in this set on a mesh converted by Camille (Thank you !).

Set de posters Beppe Giacobbe.
Je suis une grande fan des illustrations de Beppe Giacobbe. 3 Tailles de posters et 19 illustrations dans ce set sur une mesh convertie par Camille (Merci !).

(sims3pack & package zip)

3 commentaires:

Eliza white a dit…

Wow!!! Annej Dear, just lovely, unique poster set, so very charming and just great. Thank you so much.

Kind regards, Big HUgs!!!!!

Blissfully24 a dit…

Love these pictures, thank you!

VonNdaSun a dit…

I love this set! Great work as always!