jeudi 13 juin 2013

Sweeden set by annej

"Sweeden set"
This set is made of a sofa, an armchair a large and a small coffee table, a side table, a table lamp and a standing lamp. Paintings and rugs will follow.
"Sweeden set"
Ce set est composé d'un canapé, d'un fauteuil, de deux tables basses, d'une table d'appoint, d'une lampe de table et d'un lampadaire. Les tableaux et tapis suivent.

(sims3pack & package zip)

3 commentaires:

austindp a dit…

Wow!!! I love your sets as well. Always have!, But it doesn't say much for you if you are going to deny everyone simply because a few jerks did not say thank you.

annejline a dit…

Thank you austindp for liking my stuff. I will be pleased to share it with you. send me a mail.
And no, I am not going to deny everyone, I am just applying the true meaning of SHARING. It is so nice to really have a contact by mail with the person who will be using my stuff.
I am so happy to have met Lunita from Mexico, Andrew, Michele, Natalie from the US and all the others who made the effort to send a little message. It is so easy with Google translation to communicate throughout the world.
I really should have done this earlier.

Sannie Byler a dit…

You have very beautiful sims 3 creations.. you are very gifted :)