dimanche 23 juin 2013

Message from Jennie

Hi annejline!
At first, I have to admit, you're so right. I have a lot of downloads in my game, but most of the time I grab them without any words, even tough I often talk with my friends in real live (the ones who plays Sims, too) how great it is that there are so many people who share their creations online for free and for no other reason as they are nice people and do it for fun and for the love of the game.
I appreciate that highly, and I'm very thankful for it at the bottom of my heart. Downloads make me enjoying the game so much more!
But otherwise, it seems I'm not thankful enough to leave a comment or a thank you most of the time. By reading your words I'm really ashamed. It can't be so difficult to leave a few words for the ones who are spending time of their private lives to create beautiful things for our favourite game, and spending even more time and energy to put these things up for download. I don't know why  I leave comments so rarely. Okay, I'm a shy and introverted person IRL, too, but that couldn't be the one and only point of it.
Maybe it's just because it's so easy to take something and go away.
I guess it's kind of a today's society problem that most things are to easy to get.
So I want to thank you not only for creating nice downloads, but also for giving our minds and hearts something to  work on!!!
I really will try to keep that in mind and to leave at least a little thank you for all the persons who put constantly love and work into making things and share them.
The joy of giving things to other ones is to see the joy the others have - and if noone says a single word you can't feel that.
And now I don't know how I can ask for something to download, I don't deserve it! ;D
I will going to ask again when I have left some thank yous here and there, okay? ;)
Wish you a very nice weekend full of sunshine,
Thank you so much Jennie, you have warmed my heart !

2 commentaires:

mariemimsie a dit…

c'est tellement vrai! on ne prend pas même une minute pour dire "whaaaa j'adore" et "merci pour ces partages"....
jennie a tout dit.

annejline a dit…

Encore merci mariemimsie, j'aimerais beaucoup te gâter en t'envoyant quelque uns de mes sets. Envoies moi un petit mail avec la boite de contact ici à droite que je puisse te retourner quelques liens. ;-)