dimanche 9 mai 2010

"A Man's World" Set 3 by annej

"A Man's World" Set 3 : a collection of furniture for your Sims. 
This set is the last of this modern man style collection.
"A Man's World" Set 3 : une collection de meubles pour vos Sims.
Ce set est le dernier de ce style moderne "masculin".
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6 commentaires:

Mar a dit…

All in this set is pure perfection! :D Thank you!

Eric a dit…

This is a beautiful set - I am always happy to see your updates. I wanted to let you know that the painting file is not showing the anime images in either format.
Thank you for all of your hard work : )

Macthekat a dit…

This is just one wonderful idea after the next!

annejline a dit…

Thanks guys ! I'm glad you like it !
Concerning my Goth manga painting, has anybody else had a problem like Eric ?
Mine comes out perfect in the game.

Max a dit…


Claudia Flores a dit…

When I try and click to download, it says the file is set to private :(