dimanche 7 juillet 2013

Little story of Jeanne I of Naples

Jeanne I of Naples, Countess of Provence called Queen Jeanne, born about 1326 in Naples (Italy), died 27 July 1382 , in Muro Lucano ( Italy ), murdered on the orders of her cousin Charles de Duras .

Jeanne went to  Marseille on 20 January 1348 where she received a warm welcome . She swore to observe the privileges of the town and received the allegiance of its inhabitants. She signed the letters patent that united the upper town and lower town, ensuring the administrative unit.

She then went to Aix-en-Provence where the reception was very different, the barons of Provence clearly demonstrating their hostility.

Some authors believe that this short stay of Jeanne is the origin of the strong mythology "of Queen Jeanne" in Provence. Many castles, bridges, towers and paths are named after her.

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