vendredi 22 mars 2013

Set Collins by annej

"Collins" set, an elegant collection of furniture for your Sims3. 
This set is made of a nice cosy armchair, 2 little side tables one with glass top, a standing lamp and the cat sculpture. Paintings and rugs follow.

Set "Collins", une collection de meubles élégants pour vos Sims3.
Ce set "Collins" est composé d'un fauteuil élégant et confortable, de deux tables d'appoint dont une avec le dessus en verre, d'une lampe de sol et de la sculpture chat. Tableaux et tapis suivront.
(sims3pack & package zip)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Superbe ! Merci beaucoup ! J'attends les tableaux d'Edward Hopper avec impatience !

WHY a dit…

Hey Annej! I have yet to request a download but I still like to enjoy looking at your creations. I was curious about how to request to download ; I am a little slow on some of these things...I would be grateful for some enlightenment because I have been staring down the MAR 22 Set Collins by annej for forever...Could you email me the details on how to at Thank