lundi 22 mars 2010

"Swan" office - bureau by annej

"Swan" is a collection of furniture for your Sims 3's offices. 
It is composed of 11 new objects as you can see under the screenshot. There are 2 zip files to download to have the whole set.

"Swan", est une collection de meubles pour les bureaux de vos Sims 3.
Elle est composée de 11 nouveaux objets que vous pouvez voir sous l'image. Il y a 2 dossiers zip a télécharger pour obtenir l'ensemble.

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Anonyme a dit…


modernesims a dit…

I really love the desk and couch! Is there any way to still get this?

annejline a dit…

Thank you modernesims, but I am sorry, this set will not be re-edited as it has disapeared when my computer burned and I haven't found my old save files. :-(

Anna Sofie Andersen a dit…

The couch is great