mercredi 13 janvier 2010

From Jutta Spinner - by annej

I would like to introduce you to Jutta Spinner, a german artist. I love her work !
Here are some paintings from her converted for your Sims 3.
J'aimerais vous présenter Jutta Spinner, une artiste que j'aime beaucoup. 
Voici quelques uns de ses tableaux convertis pour les Sims 3.

[Thanks to Desdren for the mesh.]









4 commentaires:

Arantxa a dit…

Yo no sabía Spinner, pero ahora creo que su trabajo es bueno. Lo amo. muchas gracias por presentarnos a Spinner.

Thanksssss !!!!!!!!!!

Aurélie a dit…

Je ne connaissais pas cette artiste!
Bravo, j'adore!!

Merci de nous faire partager tes créations!

Anonyme a dit…

Jutta Spinner was my wife. Sadly she died last month at age of 66. Her artwork stays and will be celebrated next year with two major expositions and a catalogue.

Basically it is a violation of her copyright what you posted here. But she had humor and would have loved it. Thanks for this nice idea.

annejline a dit…

Oh I am so sorry about this sad sad news.
I really love Jutta's artwork.
I am also sorry if you think this is a violation of her copyright as I do those objects only for people to play with IN the Sims game, it stays virtual. I don't earn any money from it and I only try to promote artists I like. I hope people might want a real one for their real homes.
I am glad you do like the idea, though.
If you would like me to promote her exhibitions on my site please keep me informed of the dates,etc... I would be very glad to do so.
Friendly, annej